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A Letter To Leader

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TITLE : A Letter To Leader
PAIRING : Jaebeom/Junsu
GENRE : EH i donno XD
SUMMARY : Junsu writes Jaebeom a letter~ eh i got this idea from repeatedly listening to My Heart ^ ^

my heart, my heart is still looking at you
i don't know why i'm like this
but i can't stop
my heart won't listen
my heart.. won't listen
why.. why
i can't stop it now
i don't know why i'm like ths
i'm still into you
my heart.. is still.. beating.. for you.

Park Jaebeom,

If you were to ask me what it would feel like to lose the person you care for the most, 4 months ago I would not have been able to give you an answer. Up until the day you left, my life was complete. I had no fears and no troubles. I woke up every morning with the sight of you, and that was all I needed to make it through the day. If I had you there with me, whether it was on stage, in the practice room, or just at home, I was at ease. I was happy. It was as if the very presence of you fought off all the pain in my heart. Now, pain is all I have. I guess I was foolish to believe I would never lose you. I suppose I may still be a fool to believe I will get you back. I wish with every fiber of my body that I could erase all these things that have happened to you; my leader. My arms are aching to be around you, my eyes are full of tears because I am not able to look at you, and my mind is unable to comprehend the fact that you are gone. But worst of all, I cannot be there by your side when you are going through such a hurtful time. More than anything, and more than ever, I want to be with you Jaebeom. Pain may be all I have now, but pain could never out mask my love for you; my love that will forever remain strong and faithful.

I owe every bit of my happiness to you.

Kim Junsu
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